You can usually ask a little more for the ring than you may receive from a jewelry buyer.

This includes jewelry stores that purchase used jewelry, Metal Education. diamond dealers and pawnbrokers. Buyer Beware. Expect to get less from the ring should you go this route. Ethical Diamonds. The benefit is a quick sale at a relatively safe feeling as long as you opt for a respectable dealer.

Your source for certified diamonds at wholesale prices. Look for a company that has a fantastic reputation and history. Engagement RIng Design your ring now. The Better Business Bureau is a fantastic spot to check for issues. Uncover the Fantastic Diamond using our Diamond Search. Your other principal option is to sell directly to another man who plans to maintain the ring.

Search Now. You can usually ask a little more for the ring than you may receive from a jewelry buyer. Engagement.1 Safety can be a concern. Wedding. Scammers sometimes try to con people out of jewelry. Fashion Jewelry.

Selling through an online site like eBay or I Do I Don’t even gives you some protection from scammers. Customer Testimonials. I Do I Don’t requires you to ship the ring while they hold the buyer’s cash in escrow. We absolutely loved our expertise with Israel Diamonds! They were friendly and informative. After their gemologists authenticate the ring, We never felt any pressure and were very pleased with the support we received! It’s precisely what I needed and it assessed for TWICE exactly what we paid for this!

We’ll never shop another jeweler again! the purchase is complete, Would recommend Isreal Diamond Supply to anyone in the area! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.1 and you receive your cash. They aren’t pushy at all and actually function to assist you to find what you love. Protect Yourself at the Sale. They don’t inflate their costs to give you a “reduction ” as with other stores, You’re parting with a precious piece of jewelry, so you get much more for your cash. so you wish to protect yourself in the sale.

You can create your own ring or purchase one of the many that are ready to go. In case you’re selling to someone in the jewelry business, They even offered to overnight my ring if it had sized. receive quotes from many options to be certain the very first choice isn’t trying to lowball the deal. We’ll definitely be returning for future jewelry purchases. If you ship the ring into the jewelry company, VERY PLEASED / TOP-NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE I’m really glad that I found your company.1 document everything about the jewelry, I don’t normally shop online, including photographs. however I’ve had an amazing ordering experience using Israel Diamond Supply (IDS) that I love my ring.

Ship it with tracking, I have received countless compliments with this STUNNING and comfortable engagement ring. so you can tell when the purchaser gets the ring. Rana, In case you’re selling into a private individual, is an extremely great sales person and genuinely cares. meet in a secure spot for an online exchange exchange. She was really helpful! She kept me posted on where my ring was in the process as well as giving me a credit for waiting a few days longer than I was expecting to wait. Avoid accepting personal checks, Highly recommended!

You get a new repeating loyal customer in me.1 which may bounce and be nearly impossible to collect. Thank you so much, Require money, Rana! or take the payment through PayPal to guarantee you actually receive your cash. I had an amazing experience with Israel Diamond. The sales agents that we worked together were very helpful and made sure we knew all the facts prior to making a buy. Jewelry Shop in Buckhead and Alpharetta, They were not pushy in any way and even gave us a few options to cut down on cost. GA..

They even offered for us to take the diamond we were looking at outside to view the glimmer in a much better light. We are your trusted jewelry store in Buckhead and Alpharetta, I felt very trusted there. GA.. At the end of our trip we said that my brother was serving in the military. Shop our distinctive collection of fine jewellery and accessories today.1 When the owner heard this he immediately waved the excess fee for labour.

Top Rated Jewelry Shop in Buckhead and Alpharetta. He than presented me with a free pair of earrings. Browse through our stunning collection of diamonds and find the perfect shape for the jewelry, It felt so great to support a business that enjoys the work of other people too. earrings, My boyfriend and I have been searching for the ideal piece for more than a year now and we keep going back into Isreal Diamond. or accessories. We find that they don’t attack us when we walk or reveal us jewellery we are not intested in. Build your own.

Each time we walk in they’re friendly and let us look around. Produce the best diamond engagement ring, Isreal has by far the lowest prices from the Tulsa region. diamond earrings, Why pay double for a bit when you’re able to get it for a fraction in Isreal.1 or diamond pendant with our Build Your Own Tools. Trust me, Build your own Diamond Studs. we’ve shopped around to all the big name jewelry stores and have not only seen huge rates but significant pressure to purchase. Build your own Diamond Pendant. The experience has been the opposite at Isreal. Wedding Bands.

I will recccomend Isreal Diamond to anyone who wants no pressure, Explore our Big selection of wedding rings for him and her in Buckhead and Alpharetta, and a VERY reasonably priced jewerly experience. GA.. A big Thank You to Lori Simms for her helper in our buy of my fantasy ring!! Antiques & Gifts. I contacted Lori asking about an engagement ring for my now fiance, Our store provides unique gifts and fine jewelry using personalized service for any ocassion in Buckhead and Alpharetta, knowing absolutely nothing about rings or the purchasing process.1 GA..

Not only did she create the purchasing process effortless, Latest Jewelry Arrivals. but she chose the time on multiple occasions to educate me. Every piece of jewelry we sell has been hand-selected predicated on the hottest trends,